Board of Directors

Founder Staci Ventura and her husband Eric Crespo began to develop the idea of Adoption First Animal Rescue in 2011 while working for a rescue in the San Diego, CA area. When Eric was stationed in North Carolina the two realized how much help the rural areas needed. The two decided to pursue the idea of Adoption First! The Rescue officially started on October 1, 2013 and received its 501c3 status as an official non profit organization in 2014. Since then the rescue has developed a great team of volunteers and have established a board of directors.

"Enjoying the San Diego dog beach"


How it all started!


We have our new rescue center! This is a huge accomplishment for Adoption First and now we are in the middle of setting it up so that we may be open to the public! If you are interested in helping please contact us. We are looking for businesses who would be interested in sponsoring this new facility.

Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this goal!


Staci Ventura- President

Heidi McLaughlin- Vice President

Sabrina Adams- Event Coordinator

Anna Whitley- Board Member



# of dogs rescued:115

# of dogs who found homes:99

# of heartworm positive dogs: 4

# of dogs who crossed rainbow bridge: 1


# of dogs rescued: 292 

# of dogs who found homes: 241

# of heartworm positive dogs: 16

# of dogs who crossed the rainbow bridge:


# of dogs rescued: 307

# of dogs who found homes: 261

# of heartworm positive dogs: 42

# of dogs who crossed the rainbow bridge:21